File Sharing in Adobe Creative Cloud

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File sharing in Adobe Creative Cloud

File sharing in Adobe Creative Cloud
Maile Valentine
Historically, if you wanted to share a design with clients, you would export your design to your favorite format, e-mail the file to your clients, wait for feedback, compile comments, make adjustments, and start the process again. This cycle would continue until everyone was satisfied with the design, or at least until the deadline arrived. But that was then...

Now with file sharing in Adobe Creative Cloud, you can share files with clients (members and non-members of Creative Cloud) by allowing them to view the files in a browser (from a computer, tablet or even a smartphone). Viewers can turn layers on and off, view relevant metadata, comment, and even download files for editing.

That’s right. You no longer need to make sure that the people reviewing your work have Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign — or even a Creative Cloud account. You don't have to export a single PSD or AI file to multiple files after showing and hiding layers to present different design ideas. Plus, you can capture all the activity related to your files, upload new versions of your work, maintain past versions, and post and review comments and feedback, all in one place: Creative Cloud.

In this article, I’ll provide an overview of Creative Cloud and demonstrate the workflow of sharing a Photoshop and an Illustrator file from within Creative Cloud.

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